It didn’t take a pandemic for e-commerce (products or services ordered using the internet via any device, regardless of the method of payment or fulfillment) to be projected to reach close to $5B this year (globally). If you have access to the internet you have probably ordered at least one thing via an e-commerce transaction.

E-commerce is not just the sale of retail goods though. It is also the digital commerce transaction between a provider and a purchaser. You offer a webinar which  clients book and pay for online Рvoila! E-commerce!

Whether you are selling custom jewelry or offering an investing webinar it is important to give your customers a secure, engaging and easy transaction. In my over 25 years working with e-commerce solutions I have never met any business owner who regretted making an e-commerce option available to their customers.

Having goods and services available online does not mean you lose your personal touch with your customers. Personal thank you notes, follow-up phone calls, a combination of paper and digital touchpoints and more allow you to maintain your “brand” integrity.

There are a lot of options available for business owners who want to start managing transactions through their website and it can be overwhelming. Contact me and I’ll be happy to answer your questions and discuss putting together a plan.