Free Website Evaluation

What’s included in the evaluation:

  • a technical analysis of your site that includes SEO details and site speed reports
  • search result analysis
  • user experience analysis
  • cross-browser view
  • top 5 recommended improvements
  • knowledge share on your specific findings

Making good choices requires information.

You can guess why your website might not get a lot of visitors, or why you aren’t getting any orders if you do get visitors, but without concrete data it is just guessing.

There are many website evaluation tools that you could use yourself but who has time for that?!

You can take the evaluation you receive from me and put it in a drawer. You can set up an appointment with me to talk about it and ask any questions you may have, and then put it in a drawer. You can take it to your neighbor’s son’s best friend and see if he can do some updates.

Of course you could also hire me, which I hope you do, but seriously – there’s no obligation to do so.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

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