SEO and Analytics

I don’t sell separate search engine optimization (SEO) packages because I build websites that Google likes to read. From the code deployed to the colors used everything can affect your search engine ranking. There is no one magic bullet that gets you found on searches.

Google (and Bing) will prioritize sites that have well-structured content that is useful to the person searching for it.

Is there any value in paying for keyword search results if your visitors leave right after clicking in? No. In fact you can be penalized for that. It’s call a high bounce rate. 

This is why analytics are so important.

Analytics are more than just how many people visit your website. Once someone finds your site, what do they do? What pages do they visit? How long are those visits? If they click on the contact page do they actually fill out and submit the form? Are they on a phone or on a desktop or tablet? How did they get to your site?

As analytics data starts to come in for your website we are able to see trends and find ways to tweak the experience and/or the content to increase visibility and long-term engagement. In other words – maintaining a website that is useful to the users finding it and structured so that Google can index appropriately.

You will receive automated analytics reports once your site goes live.